Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lights On at Night—Please

Attention, Gloucester drivers (OK, and some of you in Essex, Rockport and Manchester, too), here's a simple fact: dusk is the hardest time to see things. There's a gray quality to the light, and the contrast between light and dark is the weakest. Sure, you can see: but that doesn't mean you can BE seen.

It's astonishing how many drivers are clueless about this simple fact; the evidence of this lies in the number of cars driving around Gloucester with no lights on at dusk, and even during the dark of night. With no lights, YOU CANNOT EASILY BE SEEN.

The photo below should clearly illustrate this.

So wake up, wise up and turn on your headlights — or at least your driving / fog lights — at sunset (it's the law, actually…). And one more thing: this may be a seafaring town, but unlike boats, cars don't have "running lights". Those little amber and red lights at the front and back of your car are called "parking" lights (for a reason).  They're no substitute for your headlights.

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