Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Thanksgiving List

Things for which I’m thankful at the moment, in no particular order:

  • Living in a state that, by law, forbids big box stores to open on Thanksgiving Day. 
  • Having two arms, two legs, decent eyesight and hearing: so many people around the world don’t. 
  • Having all my hair (still the same color as it was decades ago). 
  • Sunny weather on this Thanksgiving Day. 
  • Being able to eat a tasty meal today without having to cook—or clean up. 
  • The luxury of solitude.
  • Having 35+ episodes of Doctor Who downloaded on my laptop, all in Hi-Def video. 
  • The privilege of living in a deep-blue state.
  • The satisfaction of knowing my daughter is happy and doing well at university. 
  • A full tank of high-octane gas. 
  • The vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean less than 600 yards away. 
  • Sleep. 
  • Sufficient good bourbon. 

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